Why MANGAN For Your Restaurants?

Increased Revenue

MANGAN creates a good opportunity to increase daily revenue by tapping into communities within office buildings that often do not have the chance to explore a variety of food outside, especially during work hours. Office communities are excited to have a variety of changing restaurants inside their offices every day.

Organic New Customer Acquisition

By serving the office communities directly with warm and delicious food, restaurants will have the chance to talk about their food and business location. Interested consumers will be able to visit your business location after they understand how delicious your food is. This means increased traffic in your business location!

Increased Brand Power

Together with the benefit of new customer acquisition, restaurants can also increase brand power by talking to consumers about their food, concept, idea, and the cooking process. Restaurants can also start social media conversation by joining our unique MANGAN service, hence promoting the restaurant business.

Streamlined Inventory Management

With some companies already deciding the quantity of food they would like to order, MANGAN also provides recommendations on the type of food to bring and a number of portions to prepare using historical data and forecast techniques. This enables restaurants to increase profits by providing to demand with reduced risk of overstocking.

Why MANGAN Customers Buys?


of professionals are more likely to spend money on lunch if a MANGAN Popup is in their building


of professionals say they bring lunch from home less frequently when MANGAN Popup is in the building


of professionals visits a restaurant's brick and mortar location after they tried them at MANGAN Popup


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