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12B Baker St
Banana Loaf In-town
[JKT-only] Beoseot Gui
[JKT-only] Bibimnaengmyeon
Brownie Square
[SBY-only] Bu Rudy Kering Kentang Makanan Instan
[JKT-only] Budae Jjigae (L)
[JKT-only] Budae Jjigae (M)
[JKT-only] Bulssamnaengmyeon
[SBY-only] Bumbu Gado Gado Bu Rudy
Cadbury Bronie Large
Care For Your Eyes
[SBY-only] Cartika Petis
[JKT-only] Chadol Doenjanjjigae
[JKT-only] Chadolbakyi
[JKT-only] Cheese Galmaegi
[JKT-only] Cheese Tteokbokki
[JKT-only] Cheolpan Dakgalbi Bokkeum
[JKT-only] Cheolpan Jeyuk Bokkeum
[JKT-only] Cheolpan Sogogi Bokkeum
Chocomilk Bronie Large
Coffee Time
[JKT-only] Curry Galmaegi
 Dark Choco Bronie Large
Diet To Go
[JKT-only] Dwaeji Kimchijjigae
[JKT-only] Dwaeji Kkeopttak
Fresh Juice Series  C
Fresh Juice Series A
Fresh Juice Series B
[JKT-only] Galbi Yukgaejang
[JKT-only] Gochujang Ojingeo Bulgogi
[JKT-only] Gochujang Samyupsal
[JKT-only] Gyeran Ramyeon
[JKT-only] Haemul Kimchi Jeon
[JKT-only] Haemul Pajeon

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