Increased Productivity & Inspiration

By already saving the time of employees looking for food outside the office building (est. 30 mins/day), MANGAN also eliminates the stress and hassle in choosing great food that is not boring. This overall increase time efficiency by -12.5% and improve employees' level of comfort, hence increasing productivity.

Happier Community Through Food Variety

MANGAN brings a variety of restaurants that are different and unique in their own ways. The schedule is set to the food variety will not bore your employees, but inspire them every day.

Increased Community Engagement

As you bring MANGAN service into your workplace, community member will start to understand that the company takes care of them well. They will also converse more during MANGAN service in session and eventually improve synergies and teamwork accross departments.

Interesting Community Benefits/Perks

Some world-class business already understood this: provide quality foods to the community to maintain their interest. MANGAN takes this idea even further with providing the service for companies to choose different restaurants, manage relationships with various quality merchants, and manage the process in bringing them into the office, every single day. Different quality food menu every day makes a pretty interesting benefit to offer to future employees/community members. It is worth it.

How It Works

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