What is ManganDaily?

ManganDaily is an online property management platform that optimizes earnings of your commercial spaces through popup restaurants and revenue-sharing systems. We help Property Managers / Space Owners to manage popup restaurants that can be changed easily, while maintaining compliance and business process.

Benefits of ManganDaily for Property Managers

Start earning attractive revenue from empty commercial spaces through revenue-sharing system

Promote your commercial spaces to potential tenants through easy & compliant Popup Restaurants

Improve your community’s satisfaction through popup restaurants set up by famous restaurants

Seamlessly manage transactions & business process such as auto revenue-sharing, taxation, invoicing, payouts, all in one online platform

Manage regulations, compliance, and communications with multiple restaurants, all in one platform

Our Technology

View daily transactions transparently & up-to-date

Manage multiple property locations

View restaurant’s schedule

View & manage automatic invoices

Mobile-friendly and easy to use

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Success Stories & Testimonials

*Photos are taken prior COVID-19

"Through Mangan, I was able to make my community happy during the busy Thursday through delicious lunch provided by Mangan Popup Restaurant. My community does not have to look far away to buy some food around our office. Plus, I managed all this through Mangan’s platform, with the support of Mangan’s responsive customer service"

Facility Manager An Office Building with +300 Community Size Located in TB Simatupang, South Jakarta

“When we tried Mangan’s Popup Restaurant during the pandemic in July, we realized that their service is really helpful for our community to grab a quick & legit lunch, especially with our current location where the office building itself does not have any cafeteria facility.”

Jr. Hub Manager at One of the best co-working space in Jakarta located in District 8, SCBD, South Jakarta

“I was able to do a successful market test through Mangan Popup Restaurant in South Jakarta, and made the decision to lease a commercial space in that area! This is a great way for me to reduce risk but also validate my market!”

Hello Wagyu, a Restaurant from Bandung

“With MANGAN, we can get more opportunity in earning additional revenue and gaining more brand awareness as their order is more focus on the large volume without facing difficulties in the client’s business process”

Nona Judes, a Restaurant from Jakarta

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