MANGAN is a B2B e-FoodService platform that enables restaurants to serve food on-site at various workplace institutions.

Since our incorporated in 2019, we have trusted by leading companies/buildings to feed their communities and acquired more than hundreds of restaurants/caterings from mom & pops to nationwide chain restaurants.

Our Goal

Our goal is to fully support the core activities of all workplace institutions and make events merrier by providing your community with quality foodservice and restaurant-prepared menus.

Our Approach

Data Driven

Using a data-driven approach with a passion for great food, we curate quality restaurants according to taste and budget, and bring only the best culinary experience to you, hence making your community happy and efficient!

Curating Quality Restaurants

All merchants go through an important curation & assessment process that is driven by our goal in serving great food. We take into consideration the taste, budget, hygiene, reviews, and even the cuisine history to make sure that the consumers at offices enjoy the food and truly feel that companies do care for them.

Serving Events & Institutions

All MANGAN Services are scheduled with business processes and standards in mind, while powered with machine learning capabilities to understand the most suitable food for serving. You can focus on their core activities and let Mangan do the work in making the community happy through great food!

Meet Our Core

Hardi Halim


Graduated from Loyola University Chicago with MIS (Information Systems) degree, Hardi has professional experience from DHL & GO-JEK. Passionate in improving the lives of people through technology.

Loves Indonesian-Style Seafood

Hutomo Halim


Graduated from the University of Michigan with a Master's degree in Engineering, Hutomo has valuable experience working with Ford Motor, He once owned a restaurant business.

Loves Bakmi

Andrew Winata

Tech Expert

Graduated from BINUS with a Computer Science degree. Former Senior Software Engineering at and Data Consultant at DataLabs. 

Loves Ayam Goreng

Malvin Reynaldi

Legal Commissioner

Graduated from the University of Airlangga with a Master's degree in Law, concentrating in Business Law. Malvin has practice law since 2007.

Loves Nasi Goreng

Winda Halim

Excecutive Chef Advisor

Graduated from Seattle University and French Pastry School in Chicago. ​Upon her experience, she was a former Stagiaire at Pierre Herme, Paris, and currently managing the famous Moriarty Cookies. Winda has numerous F&B Hospitality experience.

Loves Cookies