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[JKT-only] Paket Seru 40K - Sandshack (5 pax)
[JKT-only] Mega Set by Denny's
[JKT-only] Healthy & Fresh by Denny's
[JKT-only] Slamwich & Strawshake
[JKT-only] Shake Your Day (4 Pax)
[JKT-only] Fish, Chips & Shake
[JKT-only] Shake A Burger
[JKT-only] Sweeten Your Day with Pancakes
[JKT-only] 1L Kopi Pandan
[JKT-only] 1L Earl Grey Milk Tea
[JKT-only] 1L Kopi Susu
[JKT-only] 1L Soklat Berry
[JKT-only] 1L Soklat
[JKT-only] 1L Latte
[JKT-only] 1L Kopi Milo
[JKT-only] 1L Americano
[JKT-only] 1L Hazelnut Latte
[JKT-only] 1L Vanilla Latte
[JKT-only] 1L Caramel Latte
[JKT-only] Kimchi Ramyeon
[JKT-only] Haemul Ramyeon
[JKT-only] Gyeran Ramyeon
[JKT-only] Bulssamnaengmyeon
[JKT-only] Bibimnaengmyeon
[JKT-only] Mulnaengmyeon
[JKT-only] Haemul Sundubujjigae
[JKT-only] Chadol Doenjanjjigae
[JKT-only] Dwaeji Kimchijjigae

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